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Find us at 821 S. Greenville Avenue in Allen, TX.  We are located at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church.

Our Enrichment Classes are Music and Spanish and Chapel.  During these classes our students learn basic Spanish words like colors, numbers, and greetings while singing, dancing, and exploring several different instruments.  In Chapel we learn about Jesus and His love for all of us as well as everyone's favorite Bible stories. 

This class is comprised of little ones just learning to walk and unsteady on their feet.  Their receptive language is amazing and they understand so much of what is asked of them – and we have the fun and pleasure of hearing their first attempts at speech.

It is in this classroom that we focus on narrating the day and providing new words and labels for every day things.  We also work on strengthening leg muscles and the motor skills required to feed ourselves.  This is a fun and messy classroom filled with music and dancing – but most of all it is filled with love as these little students can become quite attached to their teacher.


Our toddler class is a busy room where most children are at some point in their potty training journey.  Therefore, this classroom has an attached restroom for immediate access and teacher supervision.  These children are learning so much about themselves, about acceptable behavior and how they fit into the world.  There is a lot of focus on recognizing and understanding emotions and how to manage them in order to alleviate frustration and anger to reduce kicking, biting, hitting, etc.  The classroom is very active and children’s vocabularies are blooming!  This group are a hoot!

Children in this class must always have a full set of spare clothing that is updated for the changing seasons.  Their clothing should NOT include onesies or any other item of clothing that they cannot remove on their own.

What a fantastic classroom this is.  All the students seem to become chatterboxes at this age and excel at imaginative play.  In this classroom, there are lots of puppets and a big dress up box so these little ones can imagine and perform to their hearts content.

Their little brains are in overdrive and you will hear a lot of WHY? from these children.  But they become great classroom helpers as the develop the ability to follow multiples commands.  And story time becomes a lot of fun in this preschool class as comprehension and memory improve. 

However, since not everyone in this classroom is perfect at going potty yet, children in this class must always have a full set of spare clothing that is updated for the changing seasons.​​

This is the most critical year at Small Blessings Preschool as we prepare our students for Kindergarten.  We are extremely familiar with what the local ISDs require from incoming students and we work tirelessly to make sure our students are not only prepared, but have confidence in what they know.  Nothing makes “big school” more fun than knowing the answers.  We strongly recommend that families enroll their children for the full 5-day week during this year because of the volume of learning we must get through and as practice for the rigorous schedule of grade school.

What a great year this is and Pre-K graduation at the end is a not-to-be-missed event.


Our Soccer program is run by Southern Soccer.  These enthusiastic Coaches teach our students basic soccer drills, improve gross motor skills, learn to work as a team, and help expend lots of energy.